Case Worksheets for Your Staff

Case Worksheets for Your Staff

March 05, 2024

Another great tool to use from an operational efficiency standpoint is Case Worksheets.  I've also referred to these as Plans of Action in the past.  They both accomplish the same thing which is to make sure that staff understand the assignment given to them.

The point is to detail out the task you want your staff to complete and then keep the worksheet in your client file with all applicable notes.  This can be as simple as a cover sheet or it can be a very thorough involved write up with included rationale, forms needed, etc.  I will focus on the detailed worksheets and then you can tailor yours to work best for you business.  I use Case Worksheets for my staff in order to train them to be virtual assistants.  It allows me to manage expectations, clearly communicate to my staff, and also it allows me to properly review the work.  All important components to having a well trained staff.

On any case worksheet, you should have some basic data:

  1. Client Name
  2. Registration Type
  3. Product Name
  4. Product Type
  5. Forms Needed - your assistant may know better than you, but for new assistants, this should be included
  6. Rationale of Purchase
  7. Funding Source

I will include an example of a case worksheet that you can modify to fit your needs.

But why do we use this?  It's simple - you want your assistants to be efficient from the start.  There is always a learning curve, but you can expedite and amplify their learning by providing them some key information.  What will take 15 minutes of your time, will save your assistant hours of guess work and research.  You are not only managing expectations, but you are training them to create a repeatable process and utilize workflows in an efficient manner.  By implementing this system, you will realize a higher level of productivity from your staff.

So I've told you basic info to include, but now let's set the process of delegation.

You've met with your client, you know what you want to do them, so what's next.

  1. Create the Case Worksheet
    1. Create one per client, one per registration type and one per product. 
    2. Keep the tasks separate.
  2. Assign the Case to a staff member
    1. Give a due date
    2. Provide a time expectation of completion
  3. Once they have completed the work, have them give it back to you and review the paperwork
    1. Notate corrections in a different color pen like red or green
    2. Give it back to them to correct
  4. Conduct a final review after corrections are made
  5. Give back to your staff to execute

And remember, execution is not the end of the process.  Make sure your staff understand that it is not complete until

  • the client signs
  • you sign
  • it has been submitted for Supervision/OSJ to review
  • the account has been opened
  • the account has been funded
  • and you have been paid

Not until all of these steps are complete, is the case closed.  

Now for some examples of Plans of Action or Case Worksheets for you to use in your office.

If you ever have any questions or want to learn more, just reach out -