Start With Why - Team TorOso

Start With Why - Team TorOso

June 09, 2022

Hi y'all,

I hope you are doing well.

I just wanted to shed some light on the WHY (Simon Sinek inspired) TorOso provides the services that we do.  According to most experts that I speak to, we are a little unique compared to other OSJ groups, and the value proposition that we provide to advisors is above and beyond the norm.

But what we do to help advisors is so vitally important.  Because a financial professionals primary and most important job is to help their clients.  To help people who don't necessarily have the knowledge on the stock market or different investment types or different bucket approaches be able to format their finances in order to meet their financial goals.  Having that kind of knowledge is not common and we work with financial advisors who put the client first and are always thinking of new and innovative ways to help their clients meet their financial goals.

Our focus is to take the administrative burden off of financial professionals so that their only worry is their clients.  We make sure they are up to date on all compliance and regulatory issues, that they are completing the forms and documents that are needed to run a clean and clear business and basically, have their back with all things related to compliance.

This allows the financial professional to do what they do best - provide phenomenal service to their clients.  And that is so incredibly important.

There are so many people in the world that need a financial professional's help and this is our way of giving back and helping each of those people.  We may be behind the scenes in how we make a difference in the world, but have no doubt, we make a difference every single day and what financial professionals do for their clients and what TorOso does for the financial professionals we work with is important.  We help our financial professional level up and we have a proven track record to back up this claim.

The candid truth is that most financial professionals are not great at paperwork or maybe they just don't have time to deal with the administrative burden of our industry.  To focus on paperwork and regulatory requirements and books and records takes time away from what they could be doing for their clients.  It takes time away from their research of new products.  It takes time away from the due diligence that is required of different assets.  It just simply takes time.  And not only time, it takes a complete mental switch to go from thinking about how to help clients to thinking about compliance and rules and regulations and paperwork and forms and all the stuff that is needed to operate cleanly in the financial world.

And that is where Team TorOso comes in.  We live in that space every single day.  We are experts at compliance and rules and regulations and paperwork and forms.  And above that, we absolutely LOVE what we do.  We are here to help and we know that what we do is so important to each and every financial professional.

So there you have it.  That is our WHY and why so many financial professional need a Team like ours to have their back.

Y'all take care!!

~ Stefany Schade ~