Comprehensive Financial Planning

The Financial Planning process will help bring clarity to your financial situation and will provide you with a road map to help you reach your financial goals.  A Comprehensive Financial Plan will evaluate your cash flow from now until your projected mortality, exposing projected cash flow surpluses and deficits in specific years. It will look at your net worth over the course of your life. It will provide you with a recommended asset allocation for each of your financial goals. Through the planning process used at TorOso Financial Group, you will receive a customized savings strategy that works in conjunction with your cash flow. Savings does not have to be level. It can vary from year to year, depending on your expected income and expenses.  

In addition to providing a strategy, unique to your situation, to help you reach your financial goals, TorOso Financial Group provides a probability analysis. The probability analysis will help evaluate the likelihood your strategy will accomplish what you intend. This is very important since, in the real world, you will not achieve your projected, average rate of return year after year (though you may average that rate of return over a number of years). Thus, the sequence in which your investment accounts perform positively or negatively is very important. By generating a probability analysis, which will randomize your projected returns, you will have a much better outlook as to what is likely to occur. If needed, you will be provided with strategies to help increase the probability that you will achieve your financial goals. At TorOso Financial Group, our goal is to not just to help create and deliver a financial plan, but to make sure we provide you with the information you need to successfully reach your goals.

The Financial Planning process takes place over several meetings, as described below. During, or prior to, the first meeting, please provide a completed Expense Worksheet, or estimate of your spending, as well as the documents on the on Documents Needed form. If you have any questions as you are gathering this information, please do not hesitate to contact your advisor.

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We strive to simplify your financial life and provide you the freedom to focus on your passions and be confident about your future.

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