Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Do you feel like perhaps you need some assistance with Operational Efficiencies, Staff Management, and the Administrative side of your business?

We are here to help.

Stefany Schade, Owner of TorOso Financial Group, is available to help you and your business.  She is a Subject Matter Expert in how to run an efficient business, how to create workflows and protocols to best achieve your business goals and how to help you focus on bringing in new business, rather than the administrative side of the business.

  • Staff Management
  • Employee Handbooks
  • PTO/Vacation Policies
  • Role Definitions/Job Descriptions
  • Workflows
  • Protocols
  • Write Up Processes
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Inter-Office Communication
  • SWOT Analysis on the Business
  • Staff Meeting Templates
  • Client Follow-up Templates
  • Mentoring of Key Staff Members
  • Training of New Staff Members
  • Redtail Templates

The Consulting work is conducted in a combination of Zoom Video Calls, Phone Calls and In-Person meetings in your office with your staff.

Please reach out today to learn more. 

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